Thursday, January 25, 2007

What's Flyball??

Many people have expressed mild curiosity about my weekend activities with our dog Kess. We compete in a dog sport called flyball. It's very fun for both the dogs and humans, but also very noisy ( picture 200 really excited dogs in what are often concrete and metal buildings). Kess has already earned 2 titles and if you've spent any time around her you know that she has an aptitude for fetching things. This is one activity where her incessant fixation on tennis balls has really paid off.

The dogs run down a 50ft straight away and jump over four hurtles, they then trigger a box to release the ball and return with it. Each team has 4 dogs and the team with all 4 dogs completing the task properly in the fastest amount of time wins. It's all very organised with starting lights and optical sensors. At any rate we have lots of fun and it gets me out for some free time with other dog crazy people.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

There's never a dull moment

Baby you can drive my car. . . as long as it's in reverse. Moira has been enjoying her Christmas gift from grandma Judy, but as of yet she can only travel backwards. It would seem that going bbbrrrrtt while you drive a toy car is innate knowledge in humans as Moira always makes sure to include the sound effects.

For reasons known only to Moira and our cat loki they have formed a strong alliance. Moira gleefully screeches and paws at the cat who purrs all the while.

Well we were all happy to get back to our normal routine. As Moira has become more mobile she has become a real handful. She just gets into everything. As a result our living room is becoming more and more sparse. This weekend will consist of concealing the stereo from her busy little hands and installing another baby gate.