Monday, November 29, 2010

toddler powered perpetual motion

Addie, Cary, and Conan came up for a visit this weekend. The guys decided that the best way to keep the kids entertained was to get them to jump off the table onto a bunch of pillows. It was lots of fun for the kiddos and did indeed keep them very entertained for an hour, at which point they became to exhausted to move.

Monday, November 22, 2010


The girls were super excited about the snow. They even had their first snowball fight. Moira went straight for the face shot so we quickly changed the game to hit mom with snowballs. I was lucky enough to cath the fun on video.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Busy as usual

So just to catch up: We survived Halloween, both girls chose to be princesses. I made Moira's dress, but ran out of steam before I could get Kiah's done so she ended up getting pick one out from the store. She had lots of fun, and I think the process of getting to pick out fabric was a little abstract for her.

Both the girls are growing up so fast. Moira is able to read simple words now, and Kiah is almost potty trained. They have recently discovered sneaking back and forth between their bedrooms at night. I'll be the first to admit it was kind of cute at first, hearing them giggle and run back and forth between the rooms, but by 10pm it gets kind of old so Kiah's been barracaded in with a baby gate.

Some of you may not have heard that Kess was dianosed with cancer and had her right rear leg removed :( The good news is that she's getting around great, and at 3 weeks out she's back to her old self. We all kind of miss the drugged and complacent Kess, but it's nice to have the house back to its normal level of chaos. You can follow Kess's story on her very own blog

We are gearing up for a big Thanksgiving dinner at home. The girls are excited to have everyone over, and it's always fun to have an exscuse to dig out the china.