Sunday, May 31, 2009

Abe and Lindsay's wedding

Abe and Lindsay had a beautiful cremony that brought the crowd to tears on several occasions. The girls and Nick were in the wedding party. The pictures don't do it justice.


So we had a great time in Hawaii. The kids did awesome on the plane, and slept pretty well there. There were several snorkeling and boogie board trips. We took full advantage of just hanging out in the sun. With so many helping hands around it was a little disorienting when we got home, but we're back in the normal routine. It was fun to watch Kiah warm up to everyone and Moira had a blast soliciting stories from everyone.

Way Back in April

Sherrod, Andy and the boys stayed overnight with us in April and I have finally uploaded some pictures. Moira tried desperatly to keep the twins orderly and civilized. By the end she was starting to lighten up a little . . . getting dirty can be fun too.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Busy as Bees

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We're madly trying to get organized for our big trip to Hawaii. I was out front giving everything a once over and this bee was hanging around the whole time. He was just loaded with pollen so 30 pictures later I got one that was pretty cool. Oh the joys of digital photography. I'm sure I'll have loads of pictures from Hawaii upon our return.
Suki and I competed for the first time in freestyle disc and we didn't get last place! I'll try to put up the video at some point in time.
Hopefully we don't have to many issues on the flight over with the kids. Fingers crossed and we'll see everyone soon.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Busy in the backyard

Well we came up with this plan for a faux tropical garden around the gazebo. It's really shady and stays fairly wet there. We found some really great shade loving plants and even braved a few hardy fushias. The plants include : hosta, fern, day lily, calla lily, violets, columbine, bleeding heart, and oxalis. We're really looking forward to spending time outside in august when we can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

We had a good time at flower world and came home with more than we needed. In addition to being one of the largest plant nurseries I've ever been to, they also have an assortment of animals for the kids to look at: sheep, goats, peacocks, and fancy chickens and ducks. Moira really enjoyed the animals so we'll have to head out to the zoo before too long.