Monday, May 17, 2010


Moira traded in her ballet shoes for shin guards. I'm secretly delighted, and Moira has been really enjoying soccer. She's only had 2 classes, but she asks every day if she has soccer school. It's a fast paced class, and it's only 30 minutes long. They play different skill building games, each of which is around 3-5min long and then run back to high five their moms before the next activity. It's all very upbeat and the kids have a blast.

At the end of each class they line up to take a shot at the goal, and the other kids chant their name when it's their turn. This is the highlight of the class for the kids and they all feel like superstars after they boot it in the goal.

Kiah and I keep busy on the sidelines. Here's Kiah showing off her soccer skills. It's a constant battle to keep her from running out on to the field. She's bursting at the seams to start school like Moira.