Wednesday, May 30, 2012

no training wheels!!

Last summer Moira made a few feeble attempts at riding her bike without training wheels.  She took a few tumbles, scraped her knee and decided to wait.  After talking with her she was ready to try again, especially if she had some wrist and knee pads to help keep her from getting banged up. 

I got Moira geared up in her battle armor and after about 15min she was making short 20-30ft solo rides.  I had a dog training class in the evening so she went out and practiced more with Juju and Dad.  By the time they managed to drag her inside she was able to start out on her own turn and stop without assistance.  We're all very proud of miss Moira, and she is just pleased as punch with herself.  Took me outside first thing this morning to show off all her new skills.  Here's footage of her first few moments of riding free.