Sunday, March 29, 2009

Moira the photographer

Juju got a new point and shoot camera. Moira is really in to taking pictures, she has some interesting subject matter.

It's been a while . . .

My mom took this picture of Moira recently and I just think Moira looks beautiful. She's going to break some hearts one day.
Here's Kiah having fun!

Here's Kiah not having fun :(
Has anyone seen Kiah?
We've had a busy weekend despite my being ill. Moira went to a friends birthday party and then had a sleep over with Juju and Paul. Nick finished prepping the bathroom walls for painting and put on the first coat of primer. We put new dirt into all of our patio flower pots and then planted around 75 annuals. We've decided to go with a pretend tropical garden around the gazebo. The back doesn't get much light so we have 7 hanging baskets stuffed with fuchsia starts and will plant some hardy fuchsias, ferns, and hostas in the beds below. Then for some color we got a tray of impatiens and have planted day lilies.
We were graced with sunshine and warm weather and it felt great to pull up my sleeves and enjoy spring. Both the kids came out and did a great job of helping and getting filthy. I can't wait to sit back and enjoy it all in the summer.

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Moira Turns 3

Today we celebrated Moira's third birthday!! We put up all of the decorations after she went to bed and it was really fun to bring her down in the morning to see the surprise. She was pretty excited that she was going to have a birthday party.

Dad helping put on her birthday princess dress

Playing with baby Henry

Kiah chillin' with Grandpa Mel

Kiah and Nick's acrobatic sideshow
Trains, trains, trains . . .

The kids table

The much anticipated cake

"I like cake"

Moira convincing Grandpa Mel and Grandma Heidi to read her ALL of her new books.

Saturday Shenanigins

Kiah enjoying some pasta and sauce

The guys TILING the shower!! It has been almost a year since the initiation of this project and now that the shower surround is tiled the end is in site. Since the bathroom shares a wall with Kiah's room it's impossible to work on at night and often we're just to busy on the weekends. Hopefully a few more weekends of lousy weather will help spur us to finish this project up. The guys really did an amazing job and all of the help was greatly appreciated.

Moira and Kiah ham it up while trying on their dresses for Abe and Lindsay's wedding.

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