Monday, August 18, 2008

Blogging Bonanza

Well for a while now our hard drive on the computer has been to full to hold anymore pictures. That problem has been temporarily resolved. I had intended to have everything in neatly organized topics, but time is always of the essence around here so instead here is the summation of the last couple of weeks in no particular order.

With all this hot weather we've been heading down to the beach. It's only about a 10min drive from our house to a nice park right on the water. Moira knows it's her job to convince daddy to go swimming after work and she puts on all of her charms. "pwease da da go swimming, and run and jump in the water pwease

For reasons unknown to me the frisbee dog club uses tie-dye for their performance uniforms. Jennie headed over a couple sat. ago and helped me make some things below are the more successful efforts. Next summer sometime I want to organize a tie-dye bbq before the country fair.

Herding cats . . . getting two kids to smile at the same time is quite a challenge.

Nick officially starts his 1 month off today!! We're looking forward to getting some things doe around the house and plan on spending a week in Bellingham so we'll see everyone soon.

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Weekend Projects

Well every weekend seems to fly by. Nick's got several projects in the works, but because of the kids he rarely gets more than 30 min at a time to work on them. A big boon to our home improvement efforts will the the truck Nick purchased with some of the money he got from selling the jeep. It was hard for him to see the Jeep go as he had fond memories of driving around Bellingham with the top off during the summer, but it just wasn't practical for many reasons the least of which being that it could not accommodate two car seats. A nice young guy bought it for his first car and brought the whole family over on the day he handed over the money it was pretty cute, he was calling all his buddies on his phone while he was here to tell them about it.

Within an hour of bringing the truck home Nick was off to pick up dirt and gravel to finish off his drainage/path project.