Friday, September 28, 2007

Moira's a pot head and other cute pics

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People these days . . .

So Moira and I had a pretty exciting morning. Some of you may remember that I had fainting spells when I was pregnant with Moira. I had thought I'd avoided them this time since I'd been feeling fine, but that was not the case. After cruising around Fred Meyer for 30min I got really dizzy in the checkout line. As soon as I was done paying I took Moira out of the cart and sat on the floor just past the checkout. As soon as I felt a little better I decided to move to a bench so I didn't look quite so odd. Well next thing I knew I woke up laying on the bench and Moira was gone. Luckily she had only gone about 10 feet away to mess with the toy vending machines, but it was pretty scary.

Now granted I should have told someone I wasn't feeling well, but I was within 3 ft of 2 different employees and countless other people. I figured if I actually passed out someone would come to my aid. Well not one person even asked if I was ok. There was one woman who gave me a bit of a double take as I was getting up, but didn't offer any help. Now I could see someone thinking I was a bit odd and just taking a bit of a catnap but the toddler roaming around w/o supervision should have clued them in a little. Anyway that's my rant for the day! I'm feeling fine now and Nick's going to come home early so I can rest. Hopefully this will pass soon as it did with Moira.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Toddler School

Well Moira has started school. She goes for a couple of hours once a week. She had her third class today, and seems to really enjoy it. It's basically two hours of total chaos with some singing and art projects. Oddly enough I get college credit for it:) Not that I'll ever have any use for it, but I find it amusing that I can earn college credit by watching Moira paint. One of the many nice things about it is that she gets to do art projects that we would never do at home . . . here's her latest masterpiece.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fickle Landlords

Well last monday our landlord called to say they were selling the place and we had to be out by the end of october. We immediately went into crisis mode. . . for those of you who don't know our family is going to get a little bigger in April. This only added to feeling that we really had to get things together in a short amount of time unless we wanted to rent for another year. So we now have appts with loan officers throughout the week and a realtor and we spent all labor day packing. Well today my landlord informed me that they are not selling and we don't have to move. While relieved I was pretty pissed. You'd think you would be sure of your decision before you told your tenants they were out on the street. Since we've already started packing and we'll need another bedroom anyway we've decided to forge ahead in the home buying direction. Now fortunately we can take our time and don't have the same sense of urgency. We'd like to see what prices are going to do in the next couple of months. We've already seen several of the houses we were interested in sitting on the market for months and then lowering the price 20k or more. People are starting to realize they just can't get inflated prices anymore. I'll keep everyone updated on baby #2 and house prospects!