Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cool frisbee dogs

The japanese freestyle teams combine ninja skills and frisbee dogs . . .

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well for the first time EVER my entire family was together at Christmas. It was the best gift you could hope for and everyone had a really lovely time. My grandmother came from South Africa and my sister and her husband and baby Logan made it from Kentucky despite the numerous weather delays.

It was really neat to see my sister and her husband in their new role as parents. My little nephew was a real cutie and I look forward to the kids having some adventures together as they grow up.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Oh Baby

I have slept . . . for the first time since Kiah's birth I slept eight hours. What a wonderful thing a nights sleep is. We've been trying to convince Kiah that aside from mom there are all sorts of ways to get food. She had shown little interest in baby food, hated rice cereal, and wold promptly shut her mouth if she saw any signs of a bottle or sippy cup. So we decided that if I was just gone for long enough that she would eventually give in. Well after 48hrs we gave in. Kiah got her way and her mommy. We did accomplish a few things. Kiah decided that if her mom wasn't there to snuggle with then there wasn't any point to waking up three times a night and now sleeps about 10 hours a night. We also discovered she just didn't like baby food. So I've created some recipes that out little gourmet enjoys. Butternut squash with apples, sweet onion, and a little garlic and cinnamon is her favorite.
It's really amazing how much can happen in two days. Kiah can FINALLY sit up. She started crawling and decided there wasn't much point in knowing how to sit still. In addition to figuring out how to sit while I was gone she is now clapping, which is really cute, and on top of all that she got some teeth while I was gone. All in all it was a good thing for me to take a break, I really had fun spending some time with Mora and Kiah and dad had some good bonding time as well.