Thursday, September 02, 2010

Giant Bubbles

There's really not much to say. The girls got a bubble wand from santa and we've taken advantage of it a couple of times on lazy afternoons. Moira got a little ambitious with the dish soap when I wasn't looking, and there are just some of the pictures of a multi-day bubble bonanza while I tried to make the best of the fact that more than 1/2 a bottle of dish soap got squeezed into the mix. Moira and I usually get about an hour of 1-1 time when Kiah's napping so I try to find some fun things to do with her.

We purchased an additional giant bubble maker with promises of 3ft bubbles, but we haven't quite figured out the right soap mix. You can be sure that there will be pictures once we have success.

NW Regional Canine DIsc Championship

Well we had another successful event. I maintained my queen of donations status and we had a plush registration packet including t-shirts, treats, and custom pint glasses. I had a great day and achieved my goal of finishing somewhere in the middle of the pack. Of course there was plenty of daydreaming about doing better, but there's always next year.

I did make this extra tasty apple pie for the after party, the dog is actually the logo from the Canine Disc Organization so it was a big hit.

and even though I didn't place high enough to win prizes the traditional way I must have been extra lucky because I won 2 raffle prizes with a combined value of over $200.

One of them was this disc bag, donated by the manufacturer, they are around $100 ea. I then got the bright idea to ask everyone in attendance to bring a custom disc to put in the bag for the raffle. Lots of folks will get a custom frisbee made for their club or if they are really good for their dog. It was a very sought after raffle prize. The company that donated the bag liked my idea so much that they are going to do the same thing at their world championships and raffle it off for charity.
We raised just over $300 for our charity, not a huge amount, but not to bad considering everything else we've got going on throughout the day.
It's A LOT of work, but already thinking or next year.