Monday, March 24, 2008

Lucky Break!!

So way back in Jan I fell victim to a speed trap. I haven't gotten a ticket in 15yrs so I was pretty annoyed that the cop gave me a $250 ticket, plus my tabs had expired, which was another $200. So I decided to actually go in to court to see if I could get the fines reduced. Well I finally had my court date today. Apparently the city of Lake Forest Park lost their copy of my ticket and the copy that I sent in with my request for a hearing, so the judge had no choice but to dismiss my tickets since they didn't know what they were for. Unfortunately I was so happy I forgot to get anything to that effect in writing so I'll have to call them tomorrow. I could just see trying to renew my licence and getting told it was suspended for unpaid fines.

It pretty much made my day, week, month. I wish I could say that we went out and celebrated, but we're broke so we just rented some movies and had a pizza, but I might have to go buy a lottery ticket in the morning.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sping time fun

After the tease of a couple of sunny days it's almost impossible to wait for spring much less summer. We've been busy with all sorts of projects as usual. We had a nice long weekend . . . Moira went to stay with my mom for the night! So Nick and I went out to a nice lunch friday and followed it up with a trip to the Seattle Art Museum to check out the Romans exhibit. It's several large marble artifacts brought over from the louve. Since I don't think I'll be in Italy any time soon it was well worth the effort to see the exhibit baby free! It really puts the troubles of our times in perspective when you're standing next to a 2000 year old masterpiece.

On sunday a friend came over and with her and Nick's help we made several obstacles to test your frisbee throwing skills for the upcoming disc dog season.

Last weekend was mainly dedicated to the yard. Nick turned the pile of dirt next to the retaining wall into a proper ramp, allowing us to easily navigate the lawnmower and wheelbarrow to the lower half of the yard. I had ambitions to reclaim some of the flowerbeds around the gazebo. After floundering around for about 30 min I conceded defeat to the belly, luckily Nick took pity on me and did a little digging. I've reigned in my gardening plans to filling the front bed along the house and reclaiming and planting the bed around the gazebo. Moira was only to happy to help with digging in the mud and getting dirty.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Back in the swing of things

Well it seems like life's just been to busy to blog lately, but we seem to be experiencing the calm before the storm, so I'll get everyone caught up. Moira had a great time at her second birthday and here's the evidence of her cuteness. She knows all about presents now and had so much fun blowing out her candle that she made Dada re-light it several times.

In Feb. I helped my mom put on her annual women's boating seminar. This was the 11th year. It's a big event with several speakers and around 100 participants. As soon as that was done I decided to try making a new web page for my frisbee dog club. I'm in charge of soliciting donations and well was just plain embarrassed to send to people to the old page. I think it turned out quite nicely, and the best part was that I didn't have to learn any programming. I found a microsoft program that just let me drag and drop everything in to place. Then I had Nick around to fix the tricky bits. You can check it out at .

We've had numerous projects at the house, and got a good start on the two flower beds that we are determined to reclaim this year. We have big plans to put a large bed along the street in front of the house, but that might have to wait until fall. Nick got the bathroom wall repaired and now we just have to get some money, figure out what we're going to do, and put the rest of it back together.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Moira Year 2

Well it's that time of year again! Moira turns 2 on monday, and everyone is coming down to help her celebrate on sunday. In honor of the event I made a short video . . . you can see last years under march 07.