Monday, January 30, 2012

1st Report Card

Moira has received her first report card. Students are evaluated 2 times a year in kindergarten.

My how times have changed, gone are letter grades in favor of the numbers 1-4. I'm happy to report that Moira exceeded the standards set forth in mathematics, writing, and reading.

She got a glowing a glowing report from her teacher who says she's simply a joy to have in class and that Moira can always be counted on to be hard at work.

Nick and I have been a little disappointed with the rate of learning at the school. At this point they still haven't covered any new material for her, but Moira certainly enjoys spending time with all of the other children and likes her teacher.

In the mean time we will continue to supplement Moira's school with fun games and activities at home.

In other news both girls will be starting gymnastics classes this week. Kiah is so excited she's about to pop. She's been prancing around the house in her new leotard in preparation for the event.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The final sled ride

So we took the girls out on wensday for some more sledding. It was the third day in a row of winter fun so the girls enthusiasm was a little diminished. Nick was in charge of sending the girls down and I was there to capture the moment on film and help them shuffle back up the hill. Now only Nick will ever know if he meant for Moira and Kiah to hit the jump . . . either way the girls were not interested in anymore sledding after this.

snow, snow, and more snow

Well the last few traces of the snow are finally melting away after two days of rain. The girls and I manged to make a very iconic snowman, ticking off the final winter experience on the girls list. Unfortunatly right after we built him there was a warming period followed by a few more days of snow. He fell over the first night and was quickly burried.

The dogs also thouroghly enjoyed the snow. Suki likes to chase frozen water just as much as the wet stuff, and Kess well she's always happy.


Monday, January 16, 2012


Because we live on the top of a hill in the convergence zone we always have way more snow than anyone when it finally hits Seattle. The girls were super excited to see the first flakes fall, and once fully bundled up spent hours playing in the backyard. The only way to lure them inside is hot cocoa.

It's really fun to enjoy the winter weather with the kiddos. The girls were quite convinced it wasn't really winter until it snowed. We found a great sledding hill by Moira's school. It's a little to far to walk, but a level and easy drive. Moira and Kiah had a whole list of winter activities to cross off. Snow angels (sorry no pictures), snowball fights, and sledding. Build a snowman has been deyaled as the snow is to light and dry to form up well at this point.

The first hill we tried was smaller and ended in a slushy puddle so not the best. Nick went first to show the girls how it was done.

We could hear a fare amount of whooping and yelling coming from across the park so we decided to investigate. Our reward was a far superior hill on the other side of the park, which was awesome for kids. It was steep enough to make it exciting but then finished off on a nice flat ballfield. There was even a set of stairs with a handrail to go back up, can't beat that!

After a few runs with mom and dad Kiah was the first to request a solo mission on the big hill. Moira had already been taken out by an unknown assaliant with a snowball to the face and a pretty spectacular sled crash so she was just fine with letting Kiah taking the lead.

Kiah was adorable screaming the whole way and then just glowing full of adrenaline and pride at the bottom.

After Kiah survived her trip down there were many many more. Sadly Nick can't remote in to work as he's using a Mac for his iphones programming so he'll be taking off in my Subaru today leaving us stranded :( Oh well sounds like a great reason to make cookies.