Saturday, July 18, 2009

Garden pics

I was having a great time checking out the garden while doing some watering today so I grabbed the camera and got some nice shots. The honey bees have given way to swarms of bumble bees.

Oregon Country Fair

We had a great time at the country fair this year. My mom volunteered to watch Kiah which was great. Moira had a great time and was quite the button saleswoman. The only bad part was that it poured rain on sunday resulting in huge puddles throughout the fair. The mud was almost impassable in places, but everyone made the best of things and we stayed dry in the booth.

Broken Computer and Kiah Cuteness

Our computer died unexpectedly a few weeks ago and we finally got the new one. It's still not up to speed so I've commandeered Nick's work laptop. It's been a busy July for us with the country fair last weekend and my big dog festival next weekend. I ended up in way over my head in terms of the amount of time I wanted to donate to the dog festival, but it looks like it's going to be a very successful 1st Go Dog, Go! festival with expected attendance in the thousands. It has however been the source of a ridiculous amount of stress so I've already let them know I wont be helping next year.

Kiah found this hat Grandpa Will gave her for Christmas and wore it for a couple of hours. It was pretty cute so of course I had to get some pictures.