Friday, January 04, 2013

Christmas 2012

We enjoyed a wonderful holiday season.  Nick stayed home with us for the duration of Christmas break.  Our days were a mix of lounging around and exploring fun stuff to do around town.  Highlights included playing at the indoor bouncy house park, getting to see real dinosaur bones, lunch at Chuck E. Cheese, sleep overs at grandmas, and of course lots of Christmas presents.

We celebrated Christmas Eve in Bellingham with family and had a small dinner at home on Christmas.  Mom brought over a massive Prime rib, which Nick cooked to perfection.  He even made yorkshire puddings to accompany the amazing meal.



The butterfly wings were a big hit auntie Carol



The dogs even got in on the act :)

We wrapped up 2012 with 3 days of gaming and feasting with good friends.  Thoroughly enjoyed playing Cards Against Hummanity, MTG, and Race for the Galaxy.  Had an awesome NYE dinner, and a fun 8:30 pm toast and celebration for the kiddos.
We woke up to a cold clear New Years day and took the kids to the park for one last romp before our friends headed home.


Thursday, January 03, 2013


So my attempts to be more active on the blog have been stymied the last few months by google.  They recently purchased both youtube and blogger.  They have a very invasive policy of sharing multiple online accts if they are shared on one computer.  They have linked the family blog, my private youtube, picasa accounts, Nicks gmail and google plus acct and some defunt accounts from a website that doesn't exist.  This has put the blog way over its storage limit making it impossible to add pictures.  Google has been no help in resolving this other than to remove Nicks gmail and google plus acct from the mix, which basically did nothing. 

I have however figured out how to add flickr images to the blog, so I should be able to post more often now.  At least until google takes over the rest of the world