Monday, September 28, 2009

Banana Splits and Ballerinas

We started a chart on the wal for Moira, we have 4 main house rules and if she can follow all of the rules she can earn up to 4 stickers a day. Once she hits 15 stickers she gets to pick something fun to do. Last time it was make cupcakes, last night it was banana splits and a movie. Here's Kiah reaping the benefits of her sisters good behavior.

Here's Moira enjoying ballet class. The parents must wait outside the room, but I poked my head in for a quick shot. Moira is one in from the left. As a reward for listening and being allowed to continue ballet class Moira got to pick out a proper ballet outfit.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Moira got a haircut

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Here's one last shot of my little girl before her first real haircut. We really didn't want to cut off all of her curls, but it was starting to get a bit straggly. The haircut went great and turned out good, see first day of pre-school pics for the sfter shot.

First Day of Preschool

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Moira wasn't about to sit still long enough for a more traditional first day of school picture. Fingers crossed that today goes well. For those of you that haven't heard Moira's first day of ballet/tap class didn't go very well. To her credit she was VERY excited about dancin' class and was perhaps just a bit to exuberant for ballet. She was dismissed from class after she convinced all the over the kids it was more fun to run around and scream with her than to listen to the teacher. She gets one more chance before she's expelled.
We're enjoying fall and looking forward to good times ahead.