Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Costumes

So last year I was going to make costumes for both of the girls, but quickly ran out of time and enthusiasm for the project. I got Moira's finished, and decided I would head to the store for Kiah's. When we got to the store Kiah was actually a little sad that I didn't make hers, but quickly decided on a princess dress. I felt like a horrible parent and resolved to make both costumes this year. Of course both girls wanted to be princesses again, so I imposed a princess ban.

Moira decided that she wanted to make up her own super hero costume with a star for her symbol. I cut out a bunch of colored starts and we moved them around until we came up with a final superhero symbol. Here's the finished product.

Kiah was at a bit of a loss for a costume so we flipped through some of the patterns I've amassed thanks to the $1 pattern sales at Joann's. She decided on a parrot costume. It was certainly more involved than Moira's but not particularly difficult. It turned out warm, fuzzy, and adorable. Both girls are primed and ready for their candy haul this year, fingers crossed it's not raining.