Monday, April 28, 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The newest little Ericson

Kiah Ashlyn Ericson joined our family at 11:52pm on April 19, 2008. We're just starting to get a handle on getting everyone dressed and fed and ready for the day at reasonable hour. Nick's decided to take another week off from work, which is great. He'll still gets a whole month off, and will probably take that later in the summer.

Moira is starting to warm up to the idea that Kiah's here to stay, but she has acted out a little. The most noticeable side effect is a lot more whining out of Moira. So far we're able to still both get some one on one time with her every day, and work hard at making the most out of the time when Kiah is snoozing.
Today we all headed out to Moira's school carnival. They had lots of games and little prizes for the kids. We followed up the carnival trip with a stop off at a little park near the house.

Several folks made it up this weekend to see little Kiah. It was great to see everyone and put our deck to use on such a nice afternoon.
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nick's Birthday

Well we couldn't have asked for nicer weather . . . it was in the mid 70's out on the deck for our afternoon barbecue. We all seized the opportunity to don short sleeved shirts and enjoy the sun. After eating all day we capped off the evening with a fire. Moira had a great time entertaining all of her aunts and uncles so of course we had to take pictures.

Friday, April 11, 2008

STILL waiting

Well after the Dr's promising report that my baby would probably born in a couple of days I thought I'd be posting baby pictures by now. Well a couple of days have come and gone. Since people are planning on coming down sat for Nick's birthday I figure it will happen then, and we'll just have a house full of people waiting around for us to get out of the hospital. However, I've learned not to cancel activities because I thought the baby might come. I would have been sitting around at home a lot this week if I hadn't just kept up my plans, and that makes the days even longer.

In other news Kess got bit by a dog at the dog park and when I told the people she'd need stitches they grabbed their dog and ran away. You got to be pretty low to run off from a huge pregnant lady, her toddler, and her bleeding dog. Karma shall exact my revenge. Of course it was after hours so I had to take her the emergency clinic. The next morning I had to leave the house for an hour and she promptly tore out her staples, there went $300. I called the vet and since the wound was more than 24hrs old, and since we have no money, they said to just watch it for infection until it dries out, and that it will just take a long time to close up.

The adorable toddler report is that Moira is a big fan of the harmonica Juju bought her and goes into foot stompin, gyrating fits when anyone plays it. I have yet to capture the phenomena on video tape.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Gotta start them young

Moira, my mom and I went for a picnic at the Seattle Arboretum. Moira has recently been requesting "go up in tree" I expect her Dada has something to do with that, although grandma said she practically lived in trees when she was younger.

Just in case you haven't heard I'm STILL pregnant. This little bun has already been in the oven 4 days longer than her big sisters stay. It's the waiting at the end that's the hardest, but for the most part I'm surviving.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ahhhh. . . springtime

Well we've really enjoyed the nice weather the last few days. I even hauled my fat butt out and got the rest of the flowers I bought planted. Nick mostly finished recovering one of the flower beds, and got some shrubs that my mom brought over in the ground. Moira loves to go outside, outside, OUTSIDE. Of course she prefers the back yard where she can go up and down the stairs and taunt mom with death defying feats next to the retaining wall. She also really likes to run around in circles on the basket ball court. The only problem with the back yard is that it requires a thorough poo patrol before Moira can come out. I miss the days when the dogs just went off into the woods to go!

In other news this baby has officially baked 2 days longer than her big sister. I'm pretty sick of waiting, but since there's not much I can do about it, it's business as usual around here.

Moira investigates her shadow