Friday, November 21, 2008

Where does the time go

Well I've been a total blog slacker this month. November's almost over . . .

For starters here are the kids Halloween costumes. Moira was a dragon and Kiah was a knight. Of course despite my best efforts I never managed to get them both in their costumes at the same time which made the adorable picture with both of them impossible. Oh well there's always next year. Moira was pretty anti-costume until we actually went trick-or-treating. Once she scored a few pieces of candy she was really into her costume.

In other news Moira has been really into this butternut squash lately. She carts it all around the house even though she can barely lift the thing. Kiah has figured out how to pull herself to standing and gets really frustrated when she can't.

Nick and I also replaced the molding in the living and dining rooms and repainted both rooms with some help from Gabe. It turned out really nice and I'll put pictures up as soon as we figure out where to put all of the art. In other home improvement news we also purchased the tile for the kids bathroom. We have ambitions to install the floor tiles this weekend. I'm really excited to move forward on this project as our bathroom is also in need of some major remodeling.