Sunday, April 15, 2007

Splish Splash

Well somehow we managed not to take any bubble bath pictures, that is until today ...
In other news Kess and I went to check out what being a competitive disc dog is all about (you can't call them frisbee dogs because it's trademarked). We met a really nice group of people who get together to practice and train. Everyone was really impressed with Kess and not so impressed with my ability to throw the frisbee. So they were nice enough to offer to throw it for me at competitions until I can improve. So Kess will compete in her first competition mid may in Mt. Vernon. Nick's even agreed to come check it out, but I had to promise he'd learn to throw the frisbee ( err.. I mean disk) like a ninja.


Photohawk said...

That is the epitome of cuteness.

Gabe said...

Nick is already a disc ninja! He just needs to combine and perfect his around the corner bank shot and the deadly triple rebound impactor toss.

Baby cute too.