Monday, July 16, 2007

Cuteness Update

We had an action packed week while dada was away. Here's som silliness from just before he left. Everyday was a new adventure. Most of our fun was geared towards staying cool. We played in the sand, went swimming, played in the sprinklers, went to Grandpa Deans birthday, and went to sheep herding. I'm glad Nick's back so that everyone will quit worrying about me sitting at home alone. I'm worn out and ready for a couple of days of nothing.

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Keeley said...

You're in B'ham this weekend, yes? I have to work Saturday (like usual),so I'll have to miss the show at Padden :( I was thinking of having a bbq Saturday evening though. Interested?

Gabe said...

See you guys up there.

Gabe said...
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