Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Aren't I Cute

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Moira has discovered she gets lots of attention if she prances around in her fancy hat. Hopefully this will carry over into actually wearing it outside. Other than that I'm off for a weekend of flyball. Of course I'll enjoy the freedom of being away from home for the weekend, but because of baby #2 I wont be able to take full advantage of a weekend to myself. I'll be continuing my judges training, and will still need to find one more tournament with the correct level of supervising judge to complete the first phase. This unfortunately is not as easy as it sounds and I might have to travel out of state. Luckily they have said I can have a 6month maternity leave since newborns and flyball don't mix particularly well.

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Keeley said...

Sorry I missed flyball this weekend! I got to the airport Monday night to fly home and realized i'd left my cell phone behind. It was nice not to get any calls for five days, but I had no way of calling you when I got back to Seattle. Hope it was fun! I'd like to help out next time.