Friday, June 27, 2008


Well things have been pretty mundane around here. Moira has done really well with the whole potty training thing, and rarely has an accident. Kiah has proven to be a very smiley little girl and is quite the comedian of the house. She wakes up very early, 5am most days and lays between Nick and I grunting and carrying on, and as soon as you open your eyes to check on her she flashes you great big smiles. It's hard to be irritated with her when she's just so happy to see you.

Moira has also gotten really into music in the past week. She has a couple of cds and has figured out how to turn on the stereo and switch between the ones she likes on the disc changer. I'm pretty sick of them since even if she's not in the room she goes racing back in each time the cd ends to start it over. I've tried to capture her singing on video, but so far she's been a little camera shy.

Suki will get her chance to shine at the Bothell local disc dog championship on sat. most of the good dogs are out of town so she stands a chance of placing in the top 3. Poor Kess is still pretty bad off and just when she starts to get to feeling a little better she runs around and hurts herself. So it looks like she'll need to be on a leash whenever she's out of the house to prevent these shennanagins.

Hopefully we'll all get out of the house to enjoy the sunshine this weekend.

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Addie said...

Aw, such a sweet smile...