Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

It seems like there's always just one more thing I need to get done every day. To think that just a few short years ago I was able to fill my time with 1 husband and 1 dog and 2 cats. There's always room in my heart for more love, but it seems like there's just not enough time in the day to appropriately dole it out to all of the people and critters that would like a slice of the pie.
Luckily it seems like you always find the time for the important things and so the house is a little dirtier and the grass gets a little taller, but it works out in the end. Nick and I manage to find an hour or so every evening for each other and I can generally get both kids to nap at the same time for a little while each day, and believe me I take full advantage of that rare magical time to get everything else done!

As some of you may know Kess was injured pretty badly at the start of the summer, she ruptured a disc in her back. This weighed very heavily on my heart since we couldn't afford to go to extremes for treatment. Luckily it looks like she will not need surgery, but she will have to retire from her various sports. She might be able to compete in some capacity in a few years, but she'll never be the jock she once was. I'll just be happy to see her run again . My dogs mean a lot to me. Taking Kess out for some exercise is one of my favorite activities. I could watch her run all day long, I think she's beautiful and graceful and she's the most athletic dog I've ever encountered. Since she's been injured it has taken away the one thing I did to get some me time. As a result Suki and I have finally had a chance to bond. Now comparing Suki to Kess is a bit like comparing a thoroughbred to a donkey, but she's come into her own and is a sweet little dog who always tries her best, which is something to be commended.

This summer has just flown by with so much on my mind and I'm almost looking forward to the quiet grey days of winter. Nick is finally taking his paternity leave starting in mid August. Having another set of hands around all day will be amazing, and hopefully we can conclude a few of the many half finished projects throughout the house.

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