Sunday, March 06, 2011

Moira Turns 5

We had a full week of celebrations with dinner at Chuck E. Cheese with the Juju and Paul on wed night, followed by a trip to the aquarium and a tasty birthday lunch on thursday. It just so happened that a friend of my mothers was volunteering at the aquarium when we were there so the girls got some special one on one attention at the touch tank. They took several of the animals out and put them in a smaller bowls so the girls could get a good look. Kiah was fearless about touching the animals, Moira was a bit more hesitant, but quickly joined in the fun.

The crowing celebration was Moira's fishy themed party on sat. We had 9 kids over and everyone had fun. We attempted a game of pin the tail on the fish, with partial success. Everyone had fun, the house was destroyed, and we were all exhausted. Just think in one month we can do it all again for Kiah.

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Addie said...

I really can not beleive Moira is 5! It just doesn't seem possible that it's been that long since you guys were brave enough to test out this whole baby thing so the rest of us could watch and learn. :)