Monday, September 12, 2011

Kiah Knievel

Well miss Kiah finally figured out peddling her tricyle a couple of weeks ago. Apparently she needs another lesson in steering. Poor little Kiah sent her tricycle end over end off of the retaining wall and broke her collar bone.

I of course wanted to wisk her to the ER right away, but Nick pointed out that there wasn't any swelling and she seemed to be able to move all of her parts the right way so we didn't think anything was broken. Assuming she just had a hard fall and would bruise up and be sore for a day or two we put her to bed. After putting her down she continued to wake up crying every few hours. At 3am I decided it was time to head for the er. 2.5 hours later we were headed home with Kian's arm in a sling and a prescription for liquid vicatin.

Thankfully she got a full nights sleep last night and she sems to be figuring out how to move around without aggravating her injury. She must wear the sling for 5-6 weeks, and no running or playing :( We're meeting with her preschool teacher today to see if she will be able to manage Kiah's injury at school.


Addie said...

broken collar bones suck! I re-broke mine 2 times before it finally healed up completely, and I was 16 and relatively careful. Feel better soon, Kiah!

Gabe said...

Heal up little one!