Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Disc Dog Logos

So every couple of years I get tasked with creating a logo for a disc dog event.  Since I'm not an artist by claim or by trade I somewhat dread, but also delight in the process.  The first step of simply coming up with an idea always takes some time.  The thing that surprised me this time around was my trepidation at even starting the project.  First off I have zero graphic arts training so I'll need to watch online tutorials and do most aspects of the project in a round about sort of way (like tracing stuff on the window).  I envision it taking me much longer to complete the project then someone with actual training.  Once I finally get up the gumption to get started it usually only takes a day to produce a near finished product (so I'm not sure why I always hesitate at this step). 

This year I finished the logo on the left (salish dog) and proudly put it out there for the others on the event committee to agree on.  I had a few slight variations, but they were all fairly similar.  So one guy never responds, another likes everything, and the last say in the matter said "what's up with the robot dog?  and can we get a coastline instead of mountains?"  I was pretty bummed, but I thought if you are going to ask for people's opinions you better suck it up.  So Yesterday I produced the one on the right.  I really like both of them, but feel the logo to the right is more representative of the event (clubs from 3 states are hosting it together), and better in the end.  I have not heard back from everyone yet, but my guess is we'll go with the newer version.  I'll still recycle the artwork from the first version so all is not lost.

It was a good exercise for me to actually listen to criticism (even if it was a bit harsh), and use it to produce something better.