Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Moira's Birthday

Well we made it through the first year, and Moira had a great time charming all her guests at her first birthday party. With all of her grandparents in attendance there was plenty of love to go around and everyone got a little cuddle time.

(from left to right Ross, Keron, Dean, Desta, Paul, Judy, Moira, Will, Laura, Mel, Heidi)

Moira even managed to get into the present opening a little. . .

and unlike most babies she was very dainty with her cake, perhaps she didn't want to get her dress dirty.

Well the last year has been simply amazing and watching Moira grow into the sweet little girl that she is has been pure joy. How soon we forget the difficult nights and replace them with smiles and giggles. I look forward to many more birthdays and really appreciate the love and support of our family. Thanks so much for hosting the party grandma Juju it was lots of fun.

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