Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring Suprise

Well we finally had a weekend at home and Nick suggested that we check out the Seattle botanical gardens. We were surprised to learn that Bellevue also had a botanical garden and so we headed off to check it out. I am happy to report that the Bellevue gardens are much nicer than the Seattle park. We gave the macro lens a good workout and here are a few a my favorites.

Nick and I both agreed that this was the coolest flower to be found (see above). Unfortunately the identification card was missing so we dubbed it the harlequin flower.

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addie said...

Wow, nice pics. Your harlequin flower is actually a species of fritillaria affinis, aka chocolate lily, checker lily, and mission bell lily. It's a northwest native spring wildflower, there's 30 or so different varieties that are slightly different in thier color and checkering pattern. I'd post a link to some site with more info but I'm lazy. :)