Wednesday, May 09, 2007

May Cuteness Update

Last weekend I was up in Canada with Kess we had a great time and Kess preformed really well. Her best time of the weekend was 4.33 sec which is really good since she was running in the last position and part of her time comes from where the dogs pass in regards to the start line. Basically you can subtract a little time due to handler error as it's very difficult to time it so that the dogs pass exactly at the starting line. Her best time ever is 4.19 sec making her one of the fastest dogs on the team. We have discovered that Kess is quite competitive and likes to go last. She will actually look over at the other dog and speed up to beat it back. Tonight we're off to frisbee practice, which is really for myself rather than Kess. I still throw pretty badly compared to the pros but I have a respectable toss for lazy summer afternoons. Our first competition is in mid May. It should be lots of fun.
Moira's favorite things right now are her chair, stackable cups that she can sort things in , and being cute. She spends hours moving things from one pile to the next getting them just right. She's got the walking thing down pretty well allowing her to wear some of her dresses. She really enjoys being outside and gets to wallow around in the dirt at least once a day.

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addie said...

Whew, just in time too! I REALLY needed a cuteness update. Have fun at frisbee!