Monday, May 28, 2007

Vacation . . . maybe next year

We headed up to Bellingham last wed. with daydreams of lounging in the sun while Moira toddled around in the grass getting into trouble. Unfortunately Moira no longer likes to sleep anywhere but her own bed. The first night we were treated to an hour long high volume rant about just how much she wanted to sleep in her own bed. The next day I was sick, but luckily Moira was much easier to put to bed. Night three Moira was sick and after several hours of crying we packed up and headed for Seattle in the wee hours. So while we didn't get to take Moira to the parade we did get to catch up with all of her grandparents. Mel was in the hospital briefly and is now home and doing well. Ross is the new owner of a dumptruck, Keron's garden is ever evolving and growing. Will won big at the tx holdem' poker tournament. We did manage to relax a little, but it was good to get home and get some sleep. Of course Moira never passes up a chance to smile for the paparazzi. . .

Barefoot in the grass at Mel and Heidi's

Silly smiles at Keron and Ross's

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Gabe said...

Did you say new dump truck?